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        Fishing -                      Crow Lake, Bob's Lake (accessible from Crow Lake via water), Sharbot Lake
        Nature Trails -     adjacent to BelleVue Cottages -
                   \ mini putt - many in the area
        Restaurants  -       fine dining -  

                                              -       grocery store, bank, bakery, hardware store, beach/park, family restaurant, medical centre
        (10 minutes away)        beer & liquor store, post office, pharmacy, churches                      

                                    -                 antique stores and gift shops, events, Farmer’s Market, grocery store, bakeries, gas,
        (20 minutes away)        pharmacy, beer & liquor store                               

                                              -       boat tours, family attractions, historical sites
        (60 minutes away)                       
         (60 minutes away)        casino, boat tours, family attractions, historical sites                                         

    Major Cities

                          -                            larger town, larger grocery stores, variety of restaurants, pharmacy, banks, gas, beer & liquor store, etc.
        (30 minutes away)           

                               -                       Capital of Canada
        (90 minutes away) 

                                    -                  excellent restaurants and shops, historical sites, parks
        (45 minutes away)

BelleVue Cottages on Crow Lake